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712 Innovations is proud to be supporting Topeka art with a monthly featured artist exhibit since 2015. 712 Innovations is a creative space to office, access high tech tools and launch and grow your small business. In addition, we hope to be a place where individuals can exchange ideas and information with others, get inspiration, and generate new innovations by using our co-working space. This is the reason why we offer our office space to artists every month. We hope your new inspiration is launched right here - right now.

March Featured Artist:

Kathleen Cobb

"Portraying My Love of the Land, Near and Fear"

Kathleen's main focus of paintings is capturing the beauty of the Kansas landscape and the American West. She pays special attention to the light in each scene; whether it’s the golden light on an autumn afternoon or the subtle light of a cloudy day,  or  catching  the atmosphere of distant rain squalls over wide-open spaces.

Her inspiration comes from her traveling, she says. She sometimes sketch a scene on the location, or takes reference photos if she is unable to paint there.

Please stop by 712i for her cozy and comfortable paintings that bring back heart-warming old memories to you!


Next Month's Art Walk: April 7, 2017 by Topeka Photo Club

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