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712 Innovations is proud to be supporting Topeka art with a monthly featured artist exhibit since 2015. 712 Innovations is a creative space to office, access high tech tools and launch and grow your small business. In addition, we hope to be a place where individuals can exchange ideas and information with others, get inspiration, and generate new innovations by using our co-working space. This is the reason why we offer our office space to artists every month. We hope your new inspiration is launched right here - right now.

May Featured Artist:

Topeka Photo Club

The Topeka Photo Club meets regularly at 712 Innovations to discuss all things photography.  From the basics of the exposure triangle to discovering new techniques and equipment the group is open to all types and levels of discussion and learning. They assign homework and share the results for positive discussion and constructive criticism.  The club also regularly get out in the field for ‘Shoot and Share’ exercises around Topeka.  Every member shoots the same site and then they review the results together to see how differently each of them captured the same area.  The group  was started in 2016 by Clark and Pat Sann and has since grown to at least 36 members.  Thanks to member John Ringgold the club has a website and Facebook group.  They are currently looking for new members.  Join the Topeka Photo Club at one of their events, check the event calendar at or on Facebook.

Next Month's Art Walk: June 2, 2017 

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